WORLD WAR III: The Mystery of Nostradamus’ prophecy 


By Kitua Dauyebo Anthony

Michel de Nostredame (1503-1567) popularly known as Nostradamus was a French citizen with a streak of Jewish blood.

Nostradamus was a reputed seer who was able to penetrate the distant future for the sake of man. He received public attention in Europe because of the accuracy of most of his prophecies during his days.

Many people till date believe in Nostradamus’ prophecies and use them to explain some global events and predict future ones.

I’m not an Apostle of Nostradamus. But I’m interested in discussing his World War prophecies because Americans believe them.

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Nostradamus predicted three world wars; two had come to pass.

In his prophecy about World War 2, he said the war would start from Europe by a man named Hister. That Hister, in his inordinate ambition would attempt to rule the whole world. However, People of the New Land would come and conquer him and assume leadership of the world.

Note, experts were able to translate some key words of the prophecy. For example, “People of the New Land” was translated as “the United States of America”. It was referred as People of the New Land because in the days of Nostradamus, the United States of America wasn’t in existence. Then “Hister” as “Hitler”.

Of course, the American government believes in Nostradamus’ prophecies. It used the second world war prophecies of Nostradamus as a tool of propaganda to sway millions of Europeans to side with the Allied Forces against the Axis Forces.

Inscriptions like “We’re winning the war because Nostradamus said so”, “Nostradamus said Hitler would be defeated” were used by the Americans during the war.

In the end, America’s Allied Forces defeated Hitler’s Axis Forces. America’s international hegemony was confirmed.

In other words, America is a beneficiary of Nostradamus’ prophecies having used them as a tool of propaganda to win the second world war.

World War 3 prophecy of Nostradamus said, a country from the East would rise against the reigning world power (the People of the New Land) which would result in a World War that would be likened to Apocalypse. That he saw the People of the New Land dethroned at the end of the war. And that Eastern country would emerge as the New World Power.

Identifying that particular country from the East is difficult. However, this question could be a clue to guess that country “Who are the main rivals or enemies of America?”

Currently, America’s main foes are: (1) Russia, from EASTern Europe (2) China, from far EAST and (3) Iran, from the middle EAST.

Incidentally, these 3 countries have serious security issues with America. And they’re allies against the US. It’s only God that knows how it would happen if the prophecy is true.

The United States feels that in the event of Third World War, she won’t survive because some powerful European countries like Germany, Italy would betray her. Additionally, many Arab countries and several other countries won’t support NATO. This is the reason why the US is avoiding direct military confrontation with Russia because that means world war.

World War 3 has begun but unofficial. Russia, a super power, isn’t fighting only Ukraine. Over 20 NATO countries including America, Britain, France, that are super powers, are indirectly fighting Russia. They supply Ukraine weapons to fight the war. As it’s, Russia appears to be the underdog in the war.

China is itching to support Russia to avoid Russia’s defeat in order to save her (China’s) future from America’s bullying.

America has resorted to using propaganda with the help of western media and dangling the threat of sanctions against China and other countries like India, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina etc should they support Russia in any form.

What I’m afraid of now is, if Russia’s military becomes exhausted and the country feel existentially threatened by NATO, nuclear warfare becomes inevitable. That’s World War is officially declared; what America is cunningly averting.

Another possibility that might quicken Third World War, is Russia arming Iran with nuclear weapons to be used against Israel.

Kitua Dauyebo Anthony writes from Ayakoromo Town, Burutu LGA, Delta State

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