Amaseikumo festival continues Tuesday 18th April, 2017 with Ogele (procession) of young men in their large numbers who danced from the Gbaran Egbesu Ware to the Oporoza jetty, chanting ‘Owei o pabo ooo, Owei o pabo ooo’, ‘Egbesu owei oo.’ The young men who were in customized T-shirts outnumbered the day 1 turnout as men from other Ijaw kingdoms joined the day 2 Ogele.

Unlike day 1, women drawn from the host Kingdom, and from Egbema, Tubutoru, Olodiama, Gbaran et al carried out a mega Ogele (procession) chanting ‘Egbesu Owei ooo’ with dancing steps taking off at the front of the Gbaran Egbesu Ware to the open field, and later back to the Gbaran Egbesu Ware.

Subsequently, the host Pere was sighted at about 11:00am in his regalia accompanied by other traditional rullers  (Peres) from other Kingdoms, flanked by guards moving to the Egbesu Ware to perform the day’s prayers and activities. As culture and tradition demand, the Peres emergence from their abode is announced by the sounding of trumpet, thereafter, their arrival at the Osobou is also announced by triggers of Ekurusi (traditional gun powders).

The Gbaran Egbesu Ware, venue for the day’s activities was not but with excitement as the Amaseikumo masquerades entertain guests with dance as prayers and songs continues. The women as well could not hold it as they too danced to the resounding trumpet and songs which lasted till late in the evening.

Present at day two  event were HRM, Albert Perekeme of Akpabia Kingdom, Bayelsa State; HRM, the Alagbabuna Timighan of Olodiama Kingdom, Edo State; HRM, Gbebokedi Ajiri-Oba of Tubutoru Kingdom, Ondo State; HRM, Joel Ebani of Iduwini, Bayelsa State; HRM, Augustine Ebikeme of Oporomo kingdom, Bayelsa State.

Others include the Kariweis, among which are Chief Godwin Nanu from Egbema Kingdom, Edo State; Chief Agbaiwoni Jomini from Okomu Kingdom, Edo State; Chief Toikekeme Eguebobai of Toru-Agalabiri, Bayelsa State.

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