Delta Press Release


The attention of the ministry of Oil and Gas has been drawn to reactions, comments and press statements on the recent ban of Youth activities within the PREMISES of Oil companies operating in Delta state.

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For the purpose of clarity, the following should be noted.

1. The ministry of oil and Gas is not banning youth activities in the state.

2. Youths reserve the right to express their displeasure. What will be unacceptable to the ministry will be to engage in any act of violence that could affect lives and properties negatively.

3. The ministry will not tolerate Oil companies maltreating their host communities in any form. This position was recently pronounced by the ministry of Oil and Gas when it decided to thoroughly monitor implementation of GMOUs reached with host communities by Oil companies. This has started and a mechanism has been set to ensure full compliance.

The folowing advise are hereby given;

1. That youth groups can meet with Oil companies for protests and negotiations anywhere they choose but not inside the premises of the company. Meetings can be at any venue so far it’s mutually agreed and peaceful.

2. Displeasures and observations should be addressed to the ministry of Oil and Gas, 35, Jesus saves road, off summit road, Asaba, Delta state as a means of informing Government of any ill treatment or dissatisfaction of previously agreed issues for peaceful resolutions.

3. The ministry of oil and gas is a committed arm of the Delta state Government, committed to the protection of the lives and properties of its citizens, hence it will never toy with the security of lives and properties of all.

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