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Stop being insensitive Wike, mourn our fallen generals – APC

By Dennis Essang, Port Harcourt

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has expressed serious reservations over the decision of the Peoples Democratic Party in Rivers State to organize a political event on a day of national mourning.

The APC noted in a statement issued in Port Harcourt by its Spokesman, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke that inspite of the sorrowful mood that the nation was thrown into as a result of the sudden death of the Chief of Army Staff and 10 other gallant officers, Governor Nyesom Wike allowed his team senselessly to engage in shameless and aimless politicking.

The APC said that the decision to televise such an event was an act of great disrespect for the nation’s fallen heroes who were buried on Saturday.

“The APC would have overlooked the charade which took place in the Rivers capital; an event which was broadcast on television;  if the Wike administration did not  create the impression, through a senseless jamboree, that the Rivers people are insensitive.
“We are truly shocked that Governor Nyesom Wike, a Head of Government who is a prime beneficiary of the effort  that members of the Armed Forces are making to keep him and the good  people of Rivers State safe, could go ahead with a pre-planned reception intended to receive a handful of “bread and butter” politicians.

“Across the country, events planned for the weekend were shifted in order to enable Nigerians pay their last respect to our fallen heroes who died in an air crash in Kaduna. 

“While the nation mourned the death of its officers, Wike and his colleagues in Rivers State took to the rostrum to show that politics is a more important  reflection than appreciating the grief of heart broken Nigerians.

“We believe that the action of Governor Wike and the PDP was rather callous, udesirable and painful. The APC expresses its condolences at this time to the families of our fallen heroes who died on the line of duty. We stand with the Nigerian people, more especially with the families of the bereaved.

“On the allegations made against the Minister of Transportation who served meritoriously as Governor between 2007 and 2015, we note that the tantrums thrown by Governor Nyesom Wike  are not new.

“Governor Wike has continued to recycle these baseless lies, to the extent that reasonable and rational  Rivers people are tired of listening to him.

“We ask Governor Wike to explain why he is finding it difficult to prosecute a man who is not covered by immunity at this time for his alleged crimes while in office as Governor? Why is Governor Wike unable to accept the findings of a panel of Inquiry that was set up by him which exonerated Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi before he was sworn in as Minister of Transportation?

“People who are guilty are not tried in the court of public opinion. They are tried in open courts that are duly constituted. Wike should lead the prosecution team to court if he is sure of his facts, or halt the penchant for peddling worthless, inaccurate and cheap accusations.

“We only have pity for Chief Davies Ikanya and Hon. Igo Aguma. While Aguma, an imposter, was never a chairman of the APC, Ikanya who claims to be the only elected chairman of the party is a mere laughable character.

“Governor Wike has once described Chief Ikanya as a person who is more interested in the colour of his skin. Our discovery of his inability to lead a robust party such as the APC; our discovery of the underhand game he was playing with the PDP all through his tenure; was responsible for a mass uprising against his leadership.

“All said, we do not imagine that responding to the rubbish spewed by these men on a day that the Nigerian people were mourning their dead is worth our while. We nonetheless wish them well in their future endeavours as members of a party that is collapsing by the day.

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