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Pere of Kabowei reiterates commitment to promoting cultural heritage

…as Seigbein festival witness thrills, frills

The Pere of Kabowei Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Shedrach Peremobowei Erebulu, Aduo III, has restated his commitment to promoting the rich cultural heritage of the Kabo people.

The Pere who stated this himself, during the Kabowei Seigbein Festival, enjoined the people to hold on to the traditions and norms of the Kingdom, as some of the rich traditional cultures are fast fading, due to the infiltration of foreign culture.

He said that the Seigbein festival should be seen as a means to further, foster the unique cultural heritage of the Kabo people and to unite the various communities in the Kingdom, assuring them of taking the Kabowei Seigbein festival to greater heights during his reign.

The highlights of the occasion were canoe racing, swimming competitions, masquerades, cultural dances, beauty pageant and traditional music, much to the delight and entertainment of those present.

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