PAP: Niger Delta Ex-Agitators, Stakeholders Pass Vote of Confidence on Otuaro

PAP: Dennis Otuaro's Appointment Sparks Fresh Hope for Niger Delta and Ex-Agitators

By Enaibo Asiayei

Chief Dennis Burutu Otuaro, PhD, Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta and Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, received a vote of confidence from Niger Delta ex-agitators and stakeholders during their meeting in Warri on Saturday. The meeting, held at KFt Event Centre, Warri, focused on revitalizing the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP) to its original blueprint, ensuring it benefits the authentic beneficiaries who have been disadvantaged over the years.

General Eshanekpe Isreal, also known as the Major of Urhobo land, commended Chief Otuaro for his proactive measures aimed at restoring the integrity of the PAP. He highlighted the program’s emphasis on human capital development beyond monetary stipends, stressing its potential to empower impacted communities and foster sustainable peace in the Niger Delta region.

Otuaro reiterated the program’s commitment to training, empowerment, and educational scholarships, addressing the diverse needs of participants including the elderly, women, and disadvantaged youth. He underscored President Tinubu’s vision for renewed hope and stability in the Niger Delta through comprehensive peace-building efforts.

“We are committed to expanding the program to include more critical stakeholders who have yet to fully benefit,” Chief Otuaro affirmed. “Our aim is to foster lasting peace and development by addressing core issues and finding collaborative solutions.”

During the interactive session, General Ebena Ruphus Silas raised concerns about beneficiary discrepancies and the discontinuation of bulk payments. He advocated for their reinstatement to streamline operations and better support camp leaders in managing their constituents.

General Kingsley Muturu expressed optimism in Chief Otuaro’s leadership, anticipating positive reforms under his stewardship. Meanwhile, General Israel Eshanekpe appealed for a review of the monthly stipend and enhancement of loan and agricultural grants to better align with current economic realities.

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