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Ondo State Ex-agitators Forum makes case for inclusion as decision makers in Amnesty Programme


Sequel to the current challenges assailing the Presidential Amnesty Office, we simply advise the current boss to be open to taking advises from both the Ex-agitators who might be the best while contributing to enhance the processes and methods which were not effective previously due to non inclusive strategies of the previous leader, and to be honest inclusive systems would avail graduates of this program more open opportunities if it   become a rational discourse when thinking or contemplating  to explore fair diplomatic approaches towards making positive  decisions which may or may not  require immediate implementation to ensure that Amnesty Programme  has been taken consciously while the budget could still meet the priorities and avert unforeseen exigencies as a result of unstable economy.

However, we are aware that the Interim Committee’s report on the said issues that amounted to gross misconduct on the following conditions stipulated for contract awards, abandonment of contracts, falsification of documents and claims, recklessness with funds, which has generated tensions among the Ex- agitators across the Niger Delta states. And for the foregoing reasons, we have deemed it worthwhile to prevent delay while using this medium to advise  the Federal Government  to avoid subscribing totally to the committee’s recommendations which may not only cause issues, but would cause uncontrollable crisis within the region whereof the delegates or Ex-agitators would be forced to return to the Creek if the program is scrapped. But it would be better to engage or absorb delegates and leaders of the Ex-agitators from each state into any operational units which functions encompasses job scouting for graduates of the program to expedite the speedy &  smooth running of the program.

It is obvious to note that  Nigerian youths are no longer comfortable with so many things happening in this country as we all witnessed all that had  happened across the country during the #EndSars protests, which united  Nigerian youths for the very first time had done  in our history. Although, the peaceful protests was not hijacked, rather some unscrupulous elements had no other ways to express their displeasure & dissatisfaction towards the decayed systems of governance and leadership flawed for the reign of corruption, impunity and moral decadence.

Therefore, from all indications, the protest has necessitated the urgency of absorbing qualified youths into the operational units of Amnesty Program, absorbing youths into political appointments on sensitive matters as to ameliorate the yarning of the youths for more inclusive systems in Nigeria.

It may also be that the president may  not be the cause of those militating  problems in this country, where are the shares of blames for both the governors, and the national assembly members, ministers, down to local government council chairmen who have diverted dividends of democracy as they diverted the Covid 19 Palliatives in various states; although the president must take the major responsibility of those blames as the principal officer of Nigeria.

Take heed to good advise as there  are still so many untrained Ex-agitators who are awaiting for the Amnesty office to secure their admissions  in tertiary institutions, while some are expecting calls for vocational trainings which has necessitated the need for positive advice as guide against digressions on the part of the Amnesty Program Interim Boss who may not have another opportunity like this if he eventually fail.

That aside, graduates of this program who finds it difficult to secure employment opportunities after studies due to the inability of the same Amnesty Office to provide agency that would interface with so many governmental institutions which should  absorb graduates of this program into the system of operations through recruitments. We have NDDC, MINISTRY of NIGER DELTA, OSOPADEC, DESOPADEC, OIL COMPANIES OPERATING IN THE REGION and many other commissions across the Niger Delta states too numerous to mention which could employ the youths and achieve the blueprint of this program.

On this note, we are requesting that the office of the newly appointed administrator be made to open and accessible in  working closely with the above mentioned organisations/commissions in order to create job opportunities for the PAP graduates.

May we humbly recall that during the days of restiveness, during the years of  2008/2009 crisis in the region of Niger Delta against the Federal Government and the oil multi-nationals, it is on record that Nigeria struggled with depletion of economy  in those nostalgic days, in  the state of cataclysm, but when Amnesty Program was instituted by the late former President Umaru Yar’Adua, the country and the people of Niger Delta Region breathed fresh air of absolute peace.

Therefore, the federal government and the Amnesty office should subscribe to this advise for the region to remain peaceful, so that we shall still continue to enjoy the most highly sought for being in a peaceful environment and atmosphere.

Moreso, we want to also appreciate President Muhamadu Buhari for his tremendous and tireless efforts in ensuring sustainable peace in the Niger Delta and also advice massive development he promised should cut  across the federation.


Ondo State Ex-agitators Voice

COMR. ANTHONY WOLE (a.k.a O’banker) – COORDINATOR 08059599045


ENG. DAPO OMOLOLA (a.k.a MOPOL) – P.R.O 08079251209

October 31, 2020

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