Ijaw highlife musician, Prince Isaba Abraham, sets a new standard with musical instrument unveiling

Ijaw highlife musician, Prince Isaba Abraham, has set a new standard with the unveiling of his multi-million-Naira musical instrument in Effurun, Delta State. The event, hosted at the NNPC Junior Staff Club, was a spectacular celebration of Ijaw highlife music and culture.

The ceremony brought together notable figures from the Ijaw highlife music scene, including Chief Barrister Soja Smooth, King Allen Alabor, and Chief Karito Fokitei. These musicians created an unforgettable experience by serenading the attendees with traditional Ijaw music, filling the air with rich and melodious tunes.

Hon. Julius Pondi, the Member representing Burutu Federal Constituency in the Federal House of Representatives, also graced the event with his presence.

Prince Isaba Abraham’s dedication to preserving and advancing Ijaw highlife music was evident through his substantial investment in top-quality musical instruments. His passion for Ijaw culture and commitment to the craft were on full display during this momentous occasion.

This event not only celebrated the musical heritage of the Ijaw people but also showcased the enduring spirit of cultural preservation and artistic excellence in Ijaw nation. It was a day when the soulful rhythms of Ijaw highlife music touched the hearts of all in attendance, leaving a lasting mark on the cultural fabric of the region.

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