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‘I will NOT pay 600k for a self contain in Yenagoa…’- Bayelsans React to Escalating Rent in Yenagoa

The rent crisis in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state, has reached a tipping point, and residents have taken to Facebook to voice their concerns about skyrocketing rental rates. Everyone seems to agree – housing costs have become a big problem. Preye John, a Facebook user, sparked a fiery debate about the high cost of housing.

Preye John: “I will NOT pay 600k for a self contain in Yenagoa for NOW. I find it ridiculous. What will be the neighborhood details of a 600k shoebox?? Who will be my neighbors? Fenced estate or monkey bridge by the corner?”

Shortly thereafter, Facebook responses poured in, reflecting the shared dissatisfaction. Let’s explore some of the comments that encapsulate their distress, as compiled by GbaramatuVoice.

Saraswit Clifford: “I wonder what the ministry of housing is doing to curb this incessant rent increment in Yenagoa 🥲 Gov, Douye Diri should pls look into this my plea 🙏”

Amb Graham Sodienye Elendu KSC: “How much do I give my 1bedroom in Port Harcourt, in a great environment, abi make I start to come build for Yenegoa? Even in Abuja, we know the area where rent is that high, what does Yenagoa offer #useftinkam.”

Tomvie Ebenezer Ozi: “For that primitive Yenagoa without Industries – what would I do to earn and pay up the next rent? Na my place and na me talk this one. Lagos with opportunities, we’re screaming the rent is too high, Yenagoa with only civil service job, they’re increasing rent astronomically even more than Lagos. Ment or On kolos.”

Uzeme Alexander Obah: “Even if e dey share fence with governor’s lodge inside government house, ₦600k too much for self-contain. 😡😡😡”

Ayibatare Victor: “These Agents and Landlords in bayelsa have a special place in the lake of fire, worse of it is they will make sure they extort money from you all in the name of inspection knowing fully well you won’t like the house but will still take you there.”

Jonathan Martins Tonye: “Well i need to come in here bcos is my state and i know so much abt it. Truth be told i have never heard a selfcon of 600k for now but it actually getting to that space very very very soon like in 2/3yrs to come. But there is a selfcon of 350k/400k but what dey do now is compulsory of 2yrs payment which people are rushing it. Like the one i witness today, was 1million & twenty k. See breakdown, selfcon 300k a yr X2yrs making it 600k, security fee for one yr 100k, caution fee for d 2yrs 100k, legal fee and agent fee. Which is just two much. But in summary, i have never seen a selfcon of 600k except for two yrs upfront payment. I hear someone commented saying he will come and build in bayelsa plz i invite you to do so and you can use me as ur agent from land buying, building and up to renting it out. Its real housing very expensive but people are here to rent it if its built to standard. Tnx.”

Timi John: “House rent in Yenagoa needs to be regulated. House owners have this mentality of wanting to get the whole money used in building the property within the first year of rent.”

Tammy Ezzy Afenfia: “600k is small. There’s one i saw for 700k in this Yenagoa and the rent is for TWO years.”

The rent crisis in Yenagoa has deeply concerned residents, and there is a clear consensus that swift action is essential to tackle the rising housing costs. Facebook comments further underscore the urgent requirement for state government intervention to make housing more affordable for the people of Bayelsa.

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