How My Dad, Best Friend Were Shot By DPO, “B” Division, Warri

One Miss Destiny Aghogho Usobitie, posted on Facebook on Thursday, how her father and his best friend were both shot without questioning by the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of the “B” Division of Warri Delta State around 7:49pm, on the evening of Tuesday, April 24, 2018.

According to the post by Miss Destiny, her father and friend were returning from a meeting they attended earlier in the evening, when they decided to buy some loaves of breads.

She added that a Police Patrol vehicle appeared from nowhere and started firing at the occupants of the vehicles, thereby injuring both occupants of the vehicle seriously.

The post read; “My father and his best friend, went out for a brief meeting on Tuesday 24th, in the evening, at about 7:49pm.

“On their way back from the meeting, they decided to stop by to buy bread after which entered the car, when the police suddenly appeared and started shooting at their vehicle without asking questions or try to find out who was in the car.

The Victim

Destiny explained that her father and his friend were both shot in the head, but they still managed to crawl out of the car and started calling out to the police officers, who were known to them, as they work together as the head of the Vigilance group in their area of residence.

 “That was how they shot my dad on the head the friend the head, (sc). In that process they manage to struggle out of  the car and were calling their names to  the so called D.P.O who happens to know them…but don’t know wat happened DT evening” (sic) Ah don’t you know me, its me Segun and Gentle ” (sic)  for- were, (he nor hear)that was how he fired at his lap (my dad’s frnd) and the bullet came out of his butt, he cocked the gun again and as he was about to shot at his chest another patrol team from A-DIVISION came into the scene and was like (sic).


 “Is this not Gentle P. And Segun? They were able to identify them, That was how they were rescued from the scene..(sic). The worst part is that the victims work with them, in the sense that they are the head of vigilante (Security) in the area were they live, so they know each other very well. (sic)

*Now why did they fire at them! 

She also posted that the DPO later begged the victims, claiming that the unfortunate incident was that of a mistaken identity.

She was said to have also claimed that a report have been made about a certain car similar to the one driven by the victims, which was said to have been earlier used in a kidnap incident. “According to the D.P.O who later came begging ,said it was a “MISTAKE OF IDENTITY”(sic)  that he received a call saying that he (the caller) saw a Black Spider Camry  that it looked like the one which was used to Kidnap one MRS EMIKO, the D.P.O without investigation went ahead, lay ambush and fire straight at their car…(sic)

Destiny, who was apparently miffed by the incident, said that the case would not end that way and that car was totally damaged in the incident, that sound straight out of a movie.

“it was like a Movie… The car was totally damaged…

This is just a brief story of how my Dad and his friend was saved by God Almighty…

The case won’t just end there…

When asked on what sanction he thought would be meted to the trigger-happy DPO, Destiny went philosophical.

*now what do u tink would b done to the So-Called D.P.O…?

“God proved himself again in our lives, I return all the Glory to him….What would have been the story?

How he love us soooo Much….If not for God….

 By Jacob Abai

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