How DESOPADEC commissioner, Bebenimibo celebrated his father’s 90th birthday in grand style

How DESOPADEC commissioner, Bebenimibo celebrated his father's 90th birthday in grand style

The seed of happiness is the fruit of your labour at your old age; what you reserve in your warehouse of life of living before your old age can actually result to a true happiness; this is so to Apostle Asia Bebenimibo, father of the honorable commissioner, representing Ijaw ethnic nationality in the board of DESOPADEC.

The most discomforting look at old age is loneliness as product of no thought of tomorrow when happiness fades away, the muscles, the wrinkles of the natural make up are fallen off, when pleasure become bitter, as you enjoy away your happiness without reservation.

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Those whose foundation laid upon the happiness of their children reap the benefits of old age in a more refreshing moment, rest on a luxury chair to watch over his youthful labour at ease to enjoy while his offspring seat around to his or her teaching from the time of aging.

As Aristotle said, “Education is the best provision for old age.”

How DESOPADEC commissioner, Bebenimibo celebrated his father's 90th birthday in grand style


Today, the whole Okerenkoko Community in Gbaramatu Kingdom, Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State, has come to celebrate Apostle Asia Bebenimibo, at his 90th birth anniversary, a moment to reflect on the journey of childhood, to adulthood and to old age for what God has done to the whole family for a father who has laboured for ages for his children to live a better life, with love, affection and care unimaginable.

Gbaramatu Kingdom, in recent time, has made an historic shift in celebration of old age when the celebrant.

can actually count his children, grand children and great grandchildren with a joy unpermitted by the jars of his mouth to laugh freely.

Yes, Apostle Asia Bebenimibo who gave birth to 26 children, on Sunday, January 16, 2022, actually seated to listen to his biography unlike the opposite moment where people read biography in tears, but on Sunday his biography was a book of laughter in the journey of life.

Yes, Apostle Asia Bebenimibo is the father to Dr. Paul Bebenimibo, the Honourable Commissioner in the board of DESOPADEC, representing the Ijaw ethnic nationality. The great Comrade Paul Bebenimibo, in the days of old, as an activist for the common interests of Ijaw development agenda, yes, it was the prayers of Apostle Asia Bebenimibo that actually opened the gate of wealth for his children to key into, as prayer is the master key to wealth, protection and blessings of their joy for today and tomorrow; that was the warehouse he created before his old age.

The people of Okerenkoko community came to listen to the sermon of old age as Aristotle said, “Education is the best provision for the old age,” yes, life experience is the highest level of University Education where life is the professor that gives its lectures to uplift the living which fees are payable by your struggles to succeed.

No wonder, great Confucius said; “Old age, believe me, is a good and pleasant thing. It is true you are gently shouldered off the stage, but then you are given such a comfortable front stall as spectator.”

The great fisherman in the days of old, has really taken the centre stage as a spectator to observe what they have done before weakened by age.

In a boundless joy, the children have come to honor their father to pay his labour back to him with comfort, as literature once said paradoxically, “the child is the father of the man.” Today Apostle Asia Bebenimibo, the once upon a father now the child to his children in love and care.

Old age celebration is the new register of Gbaramatu vocabulary, a phenomenal concept to celebrate the living not at death when the memories of the old are not seen to who it may concern.

Today, Dr. Paul Bebenimibo has returned home with a Toga of the “Zionist Amure” to celebrate his father at 90 as the great Okerenkoko community, the home of the Deputy Governor of Delta State, become momentarily sinking sign of quack as human business and joy took the whole town.

A joyful holiday declared on Sunday in Okerenkoko for the cerebration of life, an Ambassador of God as a living testimony.

By Asiayei Enaibo

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