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Fear of invasion grip Gbaramtu as residents cries out. 

*Charges Buhari on a genuine dialogue in addressing the Niger Delta Question.

The Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Gbaramatu Clan Chapter have expresses fears over the bombings of the Abiteye Oil Wells claimed by the invisible members of Niger Delta Avengers through their tweeter handle on Sunday night as they panic over what could happen next.

The information Officer IYC Gbaramatu Clan Chapter, Comrade Godswill  Wuruyai who spoke to Gbaramatu Voice correspondent through phone expressed discomfort over the ordeal as this may lead to the regular routine of invasion and arrest of innocent community members in the Kingdom.

In his words: “We are really worried about the renewed attacks on pipelines in our Kingdom and we condemn the act in strong terms because it is placing the innocent people in our various communities in the Kingdom at risk and this could further lead to another round of invasion and incessant arrests of our innocent youths. As I’m talking to you, the ten students arrested at Oporoza during the last invasion have not been released and this is a serious pain to us because, parents are not allowing our Royal Father,  the Pere to sleep over the matter. Hence, we cannot afford to loose anymore of our sons to such ordeal. We therefore, call on aggrieved youths across Niger Delta to have a rethink in their mode of operation. We also use this medium to call on His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR, Federal Republic of Nigeria to place order for the release of the 10 innocent School Boys arrested at Oporoza because they are suffering for what they know nothing about.”

On the issue of the upsurge of militants in the Niger Delta, Godswill adviced the Federal Government to act in all sincerity by solving the fundamental issues layed before it. “We call on Mr. President to change his mode of dealing with agitators. Haven seen that the method of unleashing fire and brime stone had failed, he should adopt genuine dialogue to finally quell the issue of militancy in the region”.

“Mr. President should act as a father to all in this matter by tactically engaging stakeholders to dialogue irrespective of political affiliation in order to solve the fundamental issues ranging from inequality to underdevelopment, Resource Control, Oil Bloc ownership, and lack of institutions. This alone can salvage the mess we are into as a country”.

“We are tired of the divide and rule system adopted by the Federal Government and the International Oil Companies on Niger Delta. We have killed ourselves for too long. Like the Itsekiris and Ijaws fighting themselves today, we have one common enemy and the earlier we  identify this to speak in one voice, we shall remain in this madness of suffering and smiling. Do you think empowering the sons of Niger Delta against one another is the solution. No, it is not because, If you succeed in killing one strong man today, tomorrow another will rise. It’s like cutting grasses without uprooting their root. If not so, the death of Ken Sari Wiwa, Isaac Boro and co would have stopped other agitators from rising.

The activist further asserted that “the divide and rule system should be jettisoned  by the Federal Government because it is not solving the problem but had only succeeded in bankrupting the region of her human resources, and rational minds have started questioning if the glorified ‘One Nigerian’ Syndrome is actually the case. We hence, call on the Federal Government to ensure peace for the Niger Delta people that is barred from genuine justice and fairness.”

“Dialogue is the panacea to this menace and this dialogue should be given a genuine face by kick starting the Nigerian Maritime University, Okerenkoko and the EPZ project simultaneously.”

“We are counting on Mr. President to create good history by shunning all hitherto advice of the usage of force rather, galvanize into righteous actions in permanently stemming the tide of youth restiveness in the Niger Delta” he added.

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