Emmanuel Amgbaduba: Celebrating An Outstanding Politician On His Birthday

Chief (Hon.) Prince Emmanuel Amgbaduba, the honourable commissioner for Oil and Gas, Delta State is plus one today May 6th.

For a happily married man, husband, vibrant and reputable public servant who remains a quintessential servant with self imposing purpose and public-spirited commitments, his character and politics remain endearing to not just those around him but the people of the state in entirety for indeed, quite apart from his genial, witty, unassuming and unpretentious disposition both in appearance and attire, he has massively succeeded in steadily establishing a reputation for political sagacity dedicated to his love for the SMART AGENDA government of Delta State and its people.

Perhaps, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa might have chosen to work with this rare gem after a look at his delectable personality in terms of character, growth, humility, responsibility as well as his positive impact on humanity and the society as are quite revealing in him. In him, we have come to know a public servant who lives his life educating people and emphasizing the paramount role of selfless service in every human affairs.

Thus, as this colossus celebrates another year of existence, we wish to celebrate with him wholeheartedly.

Moreover, the behind-the-scene moves he has been making to better the livelihood of many communities in the oil and gas producing areas of Delta State have culminated in the strong society building which is a focal point of Governor Okowa’s Smart Agenda to the state. So, his working process is already yielding dividends for the PDP led government to the gain of Delta State and Nigeria at large.

It is on this note that we at GbaramatuaVoice Media Centre make bold to say happy birthday to the Oziko 1 of Niger Delta, High Chief (Hon.) Prince Emmanuel Amgbaduba JP.

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