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Don’t despair over COVID-19 – Jonathan tells Nigerians

Former President Goodluck Jonathan says more actions are needed even in this time when the world is facing a devastating health challenge occasioned by the coronavirus.

In a communique shared on social media, Dr Jonathan said this is not a time to fear or despair; noting that it is a moment of responsibility, courage, and faith.

“It is time to demonstrate good citizenship by yielding to relevant policies and guidelines put in place by the government and its agencies to combat the challenge of COVID- 19,” Jonathan said.

In his post on Thursday, the former president was of the opinion that though the world faces a global crisis that threatens peace, hope, and freedoms, Nigerians must not despair.

He stressed that while across the globe there is the climate of fear, havoc, and consequences of a new enemy, Coronavirus Disease- COVID – 19, still, Nigerians must remember that as a country, many triumphs have been achieved.

The former president urged Nigerians to come together and see the disease as a common enemy, arguing that it is only in so doing that the nation can be victorious.

“As a country, ours is a history of many triumphs in times of global and national challenges. In 2014, through solidarity and unity of purpose, we combated the dreaded Ebola virus.

“More than ever before now is the time for action, solidarity, and patriotism. Let’s all brace up and work together to combat this new scourge COVID- 19,” Jonathan stated.

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