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Call Olu of Warri to order, Urhobos tell Governor Okowa …insist on Warri South Constituency II  

The Urhobos of Warri has enjoined Governor of Delta State, Ifeanyi Okowa, to call to order the Olu of Warri, OGIAME ATUWATSE III concerning his utterances.

GbaramatuVoice writes that the Olu of Warri, OGIAME ATUWATSE III, was recently credited to have stated that Warri South Local Government Area and the two-State Constituencies are for the Itsekiris.

Reacting to this development, the Urhobos of Warri in a statement issued to GbaramtuVoice and signed by Chief Samson Ofudo and Evangelist Peterson Boyi described the claim of the Olu of Warri as a “false” one and they call on Governor Ifeanyi Okowa to prevent another Warri crises.

The statement read: “We have listened with some serious concerns the recent statement of the Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse III, precisely on the 29th of January 2022, which has gone viral on social media. That Warri South Local Government Area and the two State Constituencies therein belong to the Itsekiris.

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“Our constraint to respond to the said statements is hinged on the fact that if such misleading statement is not corrected, the undiscerning public would be left with a false impression about Warri.

“The above statement directly or indirectly affects the Urhobo people of Warri South Local Government Area. Thus, we’re not surprised by the statement of the Itsekiri king. The Olu and its Itsekiri people are always jittery and trepidation at the mention of the Urhobos of Warri.

“We wish to reinstate here that Warri metropolis is a collection of independent Urhobo, Ijaw, and Itsekiri kingdoms separated from each other by roads, culture, and tradition. In Warri metropolis, we have the Agbarha-Warri, Okere-Urhobo, and Ogbeh-Ijoh Warri autonomous kingdoms with title to every piece and parcel of their land.

“Therefore the Itsekiri king, Ogiame Atuwatse III, overlordship does not in any figment extend to the Urhobo people of Okere-Urhobo and Agbarha-Warri kingdoms. We are independent people with our customs and traditions different from the Itsekiri people, with our God-like kings known as the ” OROSUEN of OKERE-URHOBO KINGDOM AND THE OVIE OF AGBARHA-WARRI KINGDOM.”

Speaking further, the group explained the delineation of some local government areas in the state indicating the various constituencies of both the Urhobos and the Iteskiris.


It continued: “However, for the purpose of political convenience, Agbarha-Warri Kingdom, Itsekiri-Kingdom and the Okere-Urhobo Kingdom were delineated into Warri South Local Government Area by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) into twelve (12) wards structure of six wards each to Urhobo and Itsekiri and two state constituencies as follows:

Constituency One:

1. Ode-Itsekiri_ Itsekiris ward

2. Bowen_ mixed ward

3. GRA – Itsekiri Ward

4.Ekurede/Ugbuangue- Itsekiri ward

5. Obodo/ Ugbeji – Itsekiri ward

6. Ogugu/ Okurode_ Urhobo ward

Itsekiri constituency

Constituency Two:

1. Okumagba1 -Urhobo

2. Okumagba2- Urhobo

3.Pessu- Itsekiri

4.Igudu- mixed ward

5.Edjeba – Urhobo

6.Okere- Urhobo

Urhobo Constituency

“From the table above, no ethnic group can claim superiority over the other in Warri South Local Government Area. Also, as part of the Delta South senatorial district and Warri Federal Constituency Confederation, it is our right to contest any elective position therein. But we decided to allow the Itsekiri under natural Justice to always have their way to contest Warri Federal Constituency which they now see as their bonafide right.

“Repeatedly, the Urhobos of Warri is independent and not under any ethnic group, not even the Itsekiri or any of its authorities.

“Prior 1999 the Itsekiri people have bound themselves together to rule Warri South Local Government Council in a manner detrimental to fundamental human rights. We considered it morally wrong for Itsekiri people to claim what does not belong to them. Neither the law nor the government has given these people the authority to do this.

Among the three Warris, it is only Warri South that the Urhobos are not allowed to produce Local Government Council Chairman, party chairman among others. However, from the recent statement of the Olu, now we realize that the Olu and its Itsekiri people erroneously considered Warri South Local Government Area and Warri Federal Constituency as their personal property/territory which is unacceptable to us.

“We Urhobo people of Warri will defend and protect our right and land with all constitutional means at our disposal. This is not the age of cannibalism. The time is past when we used to fight with machetes, guns, and arrows. Okere-Urhobo and Agbarha-Warri Kingdoms are not located in the air, they exist in what is called and known as Warri Urban/Metropolis.

“We pray that the Olu of Warri and its Itsekiri people will not wait till tribulations befall them from their own before they will say the truth and accept the reality about the ownership of Warri.

“We repeat, let us leave together and in peace as brother and sister of equal status.

“Finally, we urge Your Excellency to call Ogiame Atuwatse III, the Olu of Warri to order from further making a statement that will further divide us in Warri and cause acrimony and crises than uniting us as Wafarians.

“Because we will not regardless any of such statement as an ordinary statement in the future.

“A stitch in time saves nine.”

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