CALL FOR TRANSPARENCY: Niger Delta Representatives Urged to Clarify Distribution of Rice Trailers Gifted by President Tinubu

By GbaramatuVoice Editorial Board

The recent disclosure made by Hon. Dekeri Anamero, who serves as the Member Representing Etsako Federal Constituency in Edo State, has brought a crucial development to light – the benevolent gesture of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, providing rice trailers to members of the House of Representatives. While Anamero has taken the initiative to share this information transparently, the conspicuous silence from fellow federal lawmakers in the broader Niger Delta region raises concerns.

While Anamero’s actions set a positive example, the silence from his counterparts raises critical questions about the distribution and utilization of resources from President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. This editorial is a direct call for all federal lawmakers in the Niger Delta region to step into the light and provide immediate clarity.

The constituents they represent, akin to those in Etsako, have a right to know how resources from President Tinubu are being allocated. Anamero’s transparency underscores the importance of openness and accountability in democratic governance, and this editorial seeks to extend that principle to all lawmakers in the region.

The absence of clear communication from other federal lawmakers creates uncertainty and undermines the principles of fairness and equal representation. The people of the Niger Delta region deserve a forthright and transparent account of their representatives’ actions regarding the resources provided by President Tinubu.

This editorial serves as a plea for Niger Delta lawmakers to break the silence, share a comprehensive account of their actions, and address the concerns of their constituents. Openness and transparency are fundamental tenets of accountable governance, and the public rightfully expects their representatives to uphold these democratic principles.

The silence must be shattered, and the constituents in the Niger Delta region deserve an immediate and transparent account of the actions taken by their elected representatives in response to the resources provided by President Tinubu. This is not just a call for disclosure; it’s a reaffirmation of democratic values that should guide our governance.

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