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Bayelsa to have ‘uninterrupted power supply’ by September

The Bayelsa government says residents of the state will have 24 hours uninterrupted power supply by September.

Olice Kemenanabo, managing director of the Bayelsa Electricity Company, said this on Thursday while showcasing the activities of the state’s ministry of power.

Kemenanabo said all the local government areas in the state have been connected to the national grid.

He blamed recent power outage on cable theft and vandalisation.

The MD said efforts were being put in place towards achieving the target by upgrading of existing electricity transmission stations from 40 to 90 mega watts.

“We have upgraded the transmission from 40 to 90 MVA, we also want to work on the second mobile transformer to make sure that we have a second transmission station that will serve the eastern part of Bayelsa, then dedicate the supply from the 90 MVA for the central and western parts of the state,” he said.

“By so doing, the constraints in the sector would be a thing of the past.”

He said the power plant provided to service communities in the Agbere-Odoni axis would boost social activities.

Partner Jim-Ogbolo, commissioner for power, said in the last six years government awarded 48 power projects, out of which 23 have been completed while 25 are ongoing.


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