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As NCDC finally confirms no COVID-19 case in Cross River

By Solomon Asha

Today, I feel like a monarch, I feel like an Eagle soaring so high above other birds of the air. I feel elated and satisfied that today the visiting officials of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) to Calabar officially confirmed that Cross River State has no case of COVID-19.

They stated, “There is no way Cross River State would record a case when they had started prevention early.”

I had received bashings from some quarters for my articles in the past weeks which justfies my Governor’s position on COVID-19 status in Cross River. Some calling me a priase singer of Ayade. Others said the governor was hiding cases.

Those who know me so well will tell you that Solomon Asha is not a praise singer but a man who sees the truth, the strong and sound logical position of argument leading from a premise to a conclusion, will support it even if the proponent was his worst enemy.

I’m glad also that in the midst of Sharp criticisms from some persons directly on me because of those articles, there were others who agreed with the state position which was the line of argument that I took.

I know that the issue of resumption of domestic flights will aslo soon work in our favour as the no case of COVID-19 in Cross River has done, and all those who saw nothing good in the article I released yesterday will all bury their heads in shame.

Indeed, Ayade,and the entire Cross River State of which I’m part of have been mightily justified to the reality that there is no case of COVID-19 in Cross River State.

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