A dance of desperate politicians, by Ekanpou Enewaridideke

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A dance of desperate politicians by Ekanpou Enewaridideke

Desperation in politics pursued singlemindedly with a chronically pathological forgetfulness of Isaac Newton’s third law of motion that ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’, and Maria Daniels’s thesis that ‘life has its ups and downs, and problems arise when we want life to be our way when we want it to meet all of our expectations’ – a characterisation of desperate politicians – is a thunderstorm, whirl-wind, whirlpool, rainstorm, hurricane, etc, whose end is indescribably destructive but strangely hailed in a cavalier language as the peak of political strategising and wisdom by those they call desperate politicians in any political engagement. A sole proprietorship and kingship of the political space these desperate politicians appear to have claimed in a satanic move to skunk and silence the democratically genuine winners of their party primaries. The political air is now stinking, oppressive, repelling and offensive because desperate politicians have parachuted themselves unto that space as deadly hijackers. Yet, sly, sanctimonious and cunning, many people don’t know them, neither do they know their characterizations – which is why their desperation always surges furiously like a ferocious flood into the political space without restraints.

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There is no better way to dissipate, desecrate, deplete, abuse and prostitute one’s creative energies in reinforcement of the Rosicrucian philosopher Elbert Hubbard’s words ‘motion must equal emotion’ than the desperation of desperate politicians to groundlessly displace their political opponents by whom the desperate politicians were electorally thrashed and swallowed in the primaries of the various political parties when such energies should be intelligently deployed as a solid supportive base for the advancement of the vision of the winners within the same political parties. A canal for generational transformation it becomes for today and tomorrow when the desperate politicians desperately deploy their energies and resources towards the victory of their political opponents in the general elections, having failed the primaries of their political parties in intelligible democratic language electorally communicated and transmitted to them – a development likely to be viewed correctly as an insightful journey and demonstration of intellectual mastery of Timiebi Maika’s teaching on ‘positive energy-reversal’.But will the desperate politicians willingly walk on this safe path of conscious reversal cleared here?

Before and after the party primaries, there are personalities to be watched out in every political party. They are the desperate politicians capable of every stratagem to hamstring fellow contestants who have clearly won the primaries against their fevered imagination of victory when everybody knows that the likelihood of victory sails away from their ideologically chosen channel.

Perhaps, instinctively, some people fear Satan from birth. No! Satan must not be feared! It is the desperate politicians who should be feared because they are far more comparatively deadly, dangerous, destructive and desperate than Satan in their pathological vision to be enthroned as the only kings of the political space even where they have grown too benighted and wingless to master the ‘political aeronautics’ of the political space – which was why they failed their party primaries woefully.

Even the so-called desperate politicians deny that they are desperate politicians and unhesitatingly and shamelessly term others desperate politicians. However the known desperate politicians vehemently deny the fitting categorisation of being desperate politicians, their characterisations which feature in every political engagement tell the full story because an antelope always entrapped for being a habitual lover of short cuts is known by its ‘Sokopu-sokopu’ steps and footmarks on the swampy forest. It could be safe to deny the tag of political desperation, but not the characterisations because they ring bell and tell the story of time in the forest better than coucal the Otiti bird in Akparemobou Forest.

Definitely, when a politician journeys to a ‘Babalawo’, seer, prophet, pastor, etc, for meditation aimed at ‘destructive alchemy’ before and after elections to silence and overturn the concluded victories of their political opponents, or when accredited cowboys are financially induced and engaged to eliminate the victorious candidates, it is a dangerous dance of desperate politicians poised to silence their co-contestants.

Let it be rung loudly into the ears of everybody on this space that in the history of political engagement anywhere on earth, earlier correspondingly dissuaded these desperate politicians are in their satanic moves, the better for humanity because after the targeted political opponents have been successfully quarantined or silenced, the destructive alchemy will spread or expand in a multiple dance like waves and systematically consume the supporters/acolytes of their hitherto electorally victorious opponents. This signals the danger of silence when one of the three travellers on a canoe is viciously attacked on the mitigating ground that the other two on the stern and the centre of the canoe would not be harmed but likely to be tied like alligator and killed after the systematic hunting down of the paddlers on the bow and centre of the canoe. This is why we must form alliance with Barrister Soja Smooth in deprecation of the so-called desperate politicians in any part of the world where democracy is practised without the threat of hanging swords of destruction.

Long dead and buried issues of certificate forgery could be inventively manufactured or exhumed and alluringly coated with magnetising language of public communication after the party primaries against a victorious candidate as an after-thought upon a poor electoral performance. At such time the genius in the failed candidate discovers that the victor has a questionable secondary or university certificate who should be legally interrogated in the court of competent jurisdiction and be deprived of the democratically obtained victory. An endless voyage to court begins. Only desperate politicians do this ritually as it is being done to some of the candidates in the various political parties who were victorious after the conduct of the party primaries.

There are masters of rigging in every political space. They are the desperate politicians who are ready to rig any election to be enthroned as winners rather undeservedly. Without hesitation and a prick of conscience these desperate politicians strive to bribe electoral officials to bend the rules of the game to guarantee their electoral victory even where it is obviously impossible.

The politics of economic pauperisation and antagonism targeted at supporters of fellow aspirants also defines the pastime of desperate politicians. Those detected as supporters of their political opponent are economically quarantined and antagonised – and sometimes to the point of assassination in character and assassination in existence! This dangerous pastime of desperate politicians is steadily maintained, pursued and sustained by the desperate politicians prior to the primaries and after the primaries. They are the vindictive and benighted politicians who do not congratulate their political opponents on their democratically legitimised electoral victories.

Lyrically characterised by Barrister Soja Smooth as desperate politicians animated solely by the profitability of any conceptualised project who can engage in anything to silence their political opponents for the purpose of political space-hegemonisation in a song entitled ‘DESPERATE POLITICIANS’ released to register his exasperation and despair when some politicians of Bayelsa State extraction who graced his late father’s funeral died in a maritime accident. Lyrically, he attributes the death of the politicians to the evil plot of desperate politicians. These are the politicians whose characterisations I have been dwelling on here – desperate politicians Barrister Smooth lyrically identifies and foregrounded. Oh, desperate politicians, even Barrister Smooth lyrically hails you in tears of anger!

The people identified here as desperate politicians are indeed evilly creative, inventive, chameleonic and diligent fishermen ‘missionaries’ whose contrived mission is to tamper with the netted and hooked fishes of fellow fishermen on fishing expedition as they have mastered the art of fish-disentanglement however inescapably netted or hooked they are in the traps of the fishermen. They are the ‘fish-thieves’ who perpetually tamper with the netted or hooked fishes of fellow fishermen simply because their nets and hooks yielded nothing. This is why the desperate politicians habitually create long dead stories of certificate-forgery and any other issues their destruction-laden imagination could bring into being. Therefore, desperate politicians and fish-thieves are identical birds of destruction in their central principle of existence. Again and again, it must be stressed that these are the aberrational invaders in the fishing space whose equivalents in the political space are the desperate politicians who befriend certificate-forgery and other non-existent nonsensical issues to deprive their political opponents of their rightly deserved political victories, and where legal recourse fails, they resort to actual assassination or ‘Babalawoism’.

Desperate these desperate politicians are – the self-acclaimed political demi-gods who sanctimoniously parade themselves as saints and learned friends in broad day light and scurry into their hideouts like bats and vomit atrocities at night, the damned deaf desperate politicians who are like the damned deaf iguanas of Ogbobabou Forest damned deaf and dead to the ethical decibels of His Excellency Kingsley Burutu Otuaro and others on whom political fertility and political longevity have been prayerfully offered for being ethically immune to the rampaging virus of political desperation –their most disgusting characterisation is the plot to play anti-party politics during general election. In the guise of working for their openly sworn political parties, they secretly work against the candidates of their various political parties because it was the same candidates who electorally swept them into oblivion in the party primaries.

Evidence-based views reveal that these desperate politicians are known to play anti-party politics when assassination plot, ‘Babalawoism’ and issues of certificate-forgery pursued steadily against their co-contestants fail them eventually. In the forthcoming general election the various political parties should watch out for desperate politicians who have perfected plans to play anti-party politics in the ultimate expression of their infernal desperation in politics.

Now that the virus of political desperation carried by failed aspirants is on rampage in every political party in Nigeria, may Hon. Rt. Nicholas Mutu, Hon. Julius Pondi, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Francis Oborevwori, Hon. Emomotimi Guwor, Hon. Forteta Peter Asupa and Hon. Macdonald Igbadiwei be cosmically equipped with the immunity to the virus of political desperation so that they can equally win in the general election and be many kilometres away from the lyrically confirmed desperate politicians of Barrister Soja Smooth’s creation in his moment of shock, despair and anger. Specifically, may the clouds protectively hide Hon. Asupa from the raging virus of desperate politicians – that Hon. Asupa of the Delta State House of Assembly who is on a reconnaissance visit of development and transformation to Akparemogbene to awaken him to the developmental encumbrances of the people there

Ekanpou, Writes from Akparemogbene, Delta State

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