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2019: Christian leaders declare 30-day fasting to stop Buhari

Concerned citizens under the auspices of United Christian Leaders Eagle Eyes Forum (UCLEEF) has declared 30 days period of prayers and fasting to stop President Muhammadu Buhari from winning next year’s presidential election.

Chairman of UCLEEF, Pastor Aminchi Habu, who addressed a press conference in Abuja, on Thursday, premised the spiritual intervention on the need to exit Nigerians from the prevailing hardship that has engulfed the country since the inception of the Buhari administration.

In the vein, Habu, called on Nigerians to observe the period irrespective of religious, ethnic and political divides.

According to him, “it is the citizenry that have the power, right and choice to make the country great again”.

Besides, he said that what the country needs to end the high level of social decadence and lack of development in the country was to elect a leader with a vision and the mindset to make the nation great

“The president knows that he has nothing you offer this country. So, he should just maintain his integrity by keeping to his word of doing only one term.

“He failed already and will surely fail again because nothing will change. It will still be the same group of people. Just because engine oil makes a car run smoothly doesn’t mean it can revive an engine that knocks.

“The president is not a leader anymore but has turned to a ruler. A leader put his people first while a ruler only thinks about himself. Right now Mr President is not thinking about the masses but himself only. He just wants to remain in power and not you serve thus country because he cannot.

“We cannot continue like this and that is why we are urging Nigerians to vote massively against him and retire him forcefully. He has nothing to offer again. Mr President is known for blaming others for his failures.

He blames the PDP on the economic problems in the country and now he is blaming late Gaddafi for the insecurity problems in the country,” he said.

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